Beaches of Hawaii

Beaches of Hawaii

Camping on the N.Shore

So the kids are growing up and camping is a whole lot easier then when they were babies! Send us some of your camping pictures with your family. 1097996_10151759923973088_267314601_n


We decided to try a new hike today. We did not do much research and choose Maunawili Falls. It said it was an easy hike and only 1.5 miles. Well it was not so easy with a 20lb baby attached to my back! It was really slippery and very muddy. It took us over 3 hours to make it there and back. The falls at the end was nice and it was a beautiful hike I just think it may have been a bit much for babies. So it’s official, life as we knew it is over. Camping is harder, hiking is harder and sleeping is just something lucky people do!! To all our past campers did you find this hike to be difficult?

We made it!

New Website

Well after a year of procrastination our new site is finally here. Thank you Abe for being so patient me throughout this process. I built my original site with a very unreliable company that eventually went out of business. I worked very hard building the site and had beautiful flash animation on all the pages. Unfortunately Steve Jobs was not a fan of flash so my site had become very non user friendly. Flash will not load on  phones or Ipads so half of my site was not showing. This was not good for business. I was sad to see all my hard work lost. Now I have a Word Press google friendly site with a blog. I’m not that crazy having a blog to tell you the truth, it’s just more work for me to do but that’s the way the internet seems to work these days, So if I bore you with my family photo’s and stories I apologise in advance.

Camping With The Family

Spent am amazing weekend with Shaggy and my crew at Yokohama Bay. We had a great spot with no one around, beautiful weather and Brody’s first Bonfire (Remi was asleep). We awoke to an amazing sunrise with spinner dolphins jumping about 200ft out and whales breaching in the distance…ahh life is good